Handler Deputy Kelly Hammonds

Tango is a four year old German Shepherd who started his career with the Warren County Sheriff's Office in December 2009.

Tango is trained to detect the illegal narcotic odors of the following: Heroin, Cocaine, Marijuana, Methamphetamine, and their derivatives.

Tango is also certified as a patrol canine. This means he can do Criminal Apprehension, Canine Control, Canine Searches, and Tracking.

Tango also won the Ohio Law Enforcement K-9 Association 2010 Top Dog Competition.

Canine Stats for Tango 2011 Year Totals
Vehicle Sniffs 139
Building Sniffs 7
Building Searches 5
Article Searches 7
Area Searches 5
Tracks 38
Warrants 2

Drugs Seized Amounts
Marijuana 1 ounce
306.3 grams
31 marijuana plants
Cocaine 4 ounce
15.5 grams
Heroin 1 ounce
99.5 caps
34 grams
Money $1,124.00
Handgun 1
Pills 44
Paraphernalia 73