Frequently Asked Questions

When will my CCW License be approved?
We rely on both the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI) to process your fingerprints for possible matches to criminal activity. This process may be completed by scanning your fingerprints electronically, or manually by rolling each finger in ink and submitting on a card. Due to staffing levels, BCI will not provide a status update on fingerprints until they have been processing for thirty days. On the first workday following the 30th day, we contact BCI to see if we can expedite the process. In accordance with Ohio Revised Code 2923.125, if the results from the background check are not available, the license will be issued to you on the 45th day after your application is received.

What do I do about a barking dog?
If you live outside of a city or village limits, there are no laws restricting barking dogs. If you live inside a village or city, you should contact your local law enforcement agency. Townships can pass laws regarding barking dogs in that township.

What do I do if I find someone dumping trash on my property?
Call the dispatch center (513-695-1289) and a Deputy will be sent to your home. If you find names and addresses in the trash, this can be used as evidence to prosecute the person(s) responsible.

What can I do about people trespassing (hunting, ATV, 4 wheelers) on my property?
Should you find someone trespassing on your property, call the dispatch center (513-695-1289) and the game warden or Deputy will be sent to your home. In order for you to prosecute, the person(s) must be on your property.

What's the speed limit on country roads through "Residential Areas" (row of homes along the road)?
55 MPH unless otherwise posted (not in a municipal corporation).

How do I get a restraining order?

  1. Is this a domestic violence situation? (Rule out a crime) if domestic violence, there should be an investigation/report.
  2. Is this related to a divorce/separation? Contact a lawyer. Domestic Relations at Common Pleas Court handles these orders.
  3. Is this related to a private matter (neighbor, etc.)? Contact a lawyer. Municipal or County Court usually handles these orders.

What are "Restricted Hours" in a school zone if there's no flashing light or sign other than 10 MPH?
See ORC 4511.21 (B) (1) (a) There is no requirement to post flashing lights or hours in which school zone speed limit is in effect.