Sheriff Sales Frequently Asked Questions

What is the judgment amount?
The judgment amount is the amount owed to the plaintiff filing the foreclosure.

Can I view the property prior to the auction?
The Sheriff's Office does not have access to the property; therefore we are unable to make arrangements for viewing. The property still may be occupied, attempts to view them would be done at your own risk. If you are on private property without owner's consent it is considered trespassing.

Can I purchase property before sale date?
The Sheriff's Office does not accept bids prior to sale. All bidding is done at the auction on the sale date given.

Do I need to show proof of pre-approved for a loan?
The Sheriff's Office does not require pre-approval documentation prior to the auction.

Do I need to register before sale?
Sheriff sales are public auctions open to anyone. No pre-registration is needed.

Am I responsible for liens on the property?
The Sheriff's Office does not receive lien information on the properties sold. Therefore we recommend doing a title search prior to bidding so you as a purchaser know ahead of time what you may or may not be responsible for.

What form of payment should I bring for deposit per HB 390?
The Sheriff's Office will accept a personal check for down payment. The balance may also be paid with a personal check, cashiers check or a check from the title agency.

What if property is still occupied after sale?
Once the balance has been paid in full and the new purchaser has the deed in their name they will need to file and receive a Writ of Possession from the Clerk of Courts. This procedure gives the Sheriff's Office the authority to forcibly remove the tenants from the property. The cost of the writ of possession and all moving costs are at your expense.

When do I receive the keys for the property?
The Sheriff's Office does not have possession of keys. Once the balance has been paid in full, and the property is vacant the purchaser will have to get a locksmith to enter property.