Warren County Ohio Sheriff's Office

School Resource Officer Program (SRO)

Corrections Lieutenant Nick Marconi
Lieutenant Nick Marconi
Deputy Ron Smith
Deputy Ron Smith
Deputy Jonathon Downs, School Resource Officer
School Resource Officer
Deputy Jonathon Downs
Deputy Trent Barker, School Resource Officer
School Resource Officer
Deputy Trent Barker
Deputy Phil Green, School Resource Officer
School Resource Officer
Deputy Phil Green
Deputy DavidSheppard, School Resource Officer
School Resource Officer
Deputy David Sheppard
Deputy Katie Barnes, School Resource Officer
School Resource Officer
Deputy Katie Barnes

The School Resource Officer (SRO) Program has been in place for several years and is a direct reflection of the Sheriff's steadfast commitment to the safety of our children. The school is simply an extension of the overall community. Crime that affects the community has an impact on schools, while offenses occurring on school property also affect the community. The presence of a law enforcement officer within the school community provides for a consistent approach to community public safety.

School Resource Officers are trained to fulfill three basic roles. First and foremost they are law enforcement officers charged with keeping order on school grounds so that students can learn and teachers can teach. Secondly, they are law-related counselors who provide guidance to students and school staff on law related issues. Thirdly, they are law-related education teachers who provide schools with an additional educational resource by sharing their expertise in the classroom. Beyond these identified roles and, perhaps more importantly, SROs are positive role models for many students who are not exposed to such role models in today's society. Additionally, SROs work closely with educators to assist with school safety planning, and to identify and solve problems. SROs also work in partnership with local law enforcement agencies, juvenile court, the prosecutor's office and children's services.

The Warren County Sheriff's Office currently has Deputies assigned as School Resource Officers at the Warren County Career Center, Kings Local School District, and St. Margaret of York.