Warren County Ohio Sheriff's Office

South Lebanon Post

Sergeant Corey Adams
Post Commander
Sergeant Corey Adams

The South Lebanon Post is staffed to provide twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week coverage for the City of South Lebanon, as well as Union Township.

Over sixty three hundred people call South Lebanon their home. The city has expanded to well over 3.5 square miles and continues to grow. In a typical month, Deputies from the South Lebanon Post will respond to an average of 424 calls for service within the City.

In Union Township, Deputies respond to an average of 124 calls for service per month.

In addition to Deputies assigned to the South Lebanon Post, all of the services from the Warren County Sheriff's Office are available to the citizens of the city and the township. These services include the Detectives assigned to the Criminal Investigation Section and the Warren County Drug Task Force. The Deputies assigned to County Road Enforcement are also available to provide assistance should there be a second priority call requiring assistance within the city or township.

Deputy and cruiser